Design services

I provide services that allow you to do as much or as little as you want and to cover a range of budgets.

Garden designs

Do you want to get more pleasure from your garden?

Do you have a busy lifestyle but want an attractive garden to relax and entertain in?
You need a low maintenance if you have a busy lifestyle and want to spend your free time relaxing and enjoying the garden.

Do you need to maximize your garden space to meet your family needs?
You need a family garden that offers flexible space for a range of activities so all the family can enjoy the garden.

Have you been inspired by garden shows but want something stylish and practical?
You need a contemporary design that fits your style.

Do you want a garden that supports nature’s infrastructure?
You need a natural garden for growing your own produce and for supporting the birds, bees and butterflies.

If you have answered yes to any of the above then I can help, so please contact me now on or give me a call on 07920 425704 or 01264 738580.

What’s involved?

Stage 1: Initial consultation

  • Start thinking about what you want by completing a short questionnaire
  • We’ll review your questionnaire at our first meeting and discuss more detail around your requirements and budget
  • You’ll receive a brief covering our discussions and costs for you to approve and sign before the next stage

Stage 2: Site survey

  • Taking photos & measurements of the garden
  • Taking soil samples to determine most appropriate planting
  • Drawing up a site plan to scale for your design

Stage 3: The design

  • The design of the garden is created
  • Hand drawn layout and 2D design drawing
  • An image board so you can visualise the proposed elements, planting, features, layout and materials

Stage 4: The presentation of the design

  • The most exciting stage when you get to see the design of your new garden
  • A chance to discuss the details
  • Payment is due at this stage

Design costs

Design costs which cover stages 1 – 4 above start from £500 and depend on the size and complexity of the project. There are no extra costs for minor changes to the plan.

Additional services and costs

Construction drawings

If required I can produce further drawings such as construction detail that can be given to your landscape contractor to enable an accurate quotation and construction

Project management

Project management is available to take the design from concept to creation by your own choice of contractors or ones we recommend.

Planting plans

Planting plans can also be produced to enhance your garden which will ensure your investment in plants will be realised by selecting plants that suit your garden’s environment and style. This will be backed up by a maintenance schedule, detailing what needs to be done when so the planting reaches its full potential.

“We wanted a stylish garden for entertaining with the minimum of effort from us. We were tired of looking out onto a boring garden from our dining room and we wanted a garden we could be proud of. Audrey made us really think about what we wanted and also got us to agree! She offered such thoughtful advice on practicalities which we are certain will make the garden much more enjoyable. We were impressed with the level of detail given and we would never have come up with such a beautiful design. We were so excited we went straight out and started sourcing materials and we will keep you up to date with our progress.”

Mr & Mrs C

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