After planting

After 3 months

After 2 years

Border designs

The clients wanted a new lease of life to their borders to give more interesting views from their home. They wanted a more contemporary style for their new borders without too much maintenance being required.


The borders were full of trees and overgrown shrubs that took a lot of maintenance, made the area dark and was lacking in interest. A new border design was created to add more interest and give a lighter feel to the driveway entrance and the border at the back. In the back border 3 large Photinia shrubs were put in to quickly cover the fencing and give a back drop to the new planting scheme.

I was so impressed with the new drive borders that you did for us and we get so many positive comments now from our friends, we would like you back to do another border that we look out onto and make that into a more interesting view for us.

Mrs B