Work in progress


Wildlife Garden

S Green had created an edible garden which worked for her pet rabbits but was struggling to get everything to grow with the big oak tree overshadowing some of the garden.

S Green wanted her garden to look good, be productive and to encourage wildlife into the garden. Create an informal, beautiful but practical garden.


The garden was rearranged to make the sunny part of the garden the productive area, with fruit and raised beds for vegetable beds mixed with planting to attract wildlife. A wildlife friendly pond with cobbles at entrance for easy access. The arch becomes a focal point to create intrigue leading to a secluded area with a bug hotel and tall grasses to hide the shed from view. Enough lawn was left for her pet rabbits to enjoy in their run.

Contrasting foliage and texture for creating lots of interest throughout the year with evergreens for the winter to give food and protection. Blue, white, yellow and pastel flowers to attract the bees and butterflies.

I have a small patch of Eden in my back garden thanks to Audrey! She has created a magnificent oasis for bees, butterflies and wildlife in my small, north facing garden. It is full of colour and movement throughout the year and is so easy for me to maintain. Audrey spent time understanding exactly what I was looking for and helped me transform it into a garden I can be really proud of.

My garden is looking great, absolutely full of bees and insects and I have all sorts of wildlife coming to visit my pond.

S Green