Stylish design for urban garden

This couple wanted privacy from a stylish, low maintenance border that would be visually attractive from their new conservatory. The patio was designed to create a flexibly entertaining area, with the border providing all year round interest especially in Summer.


Of the original planting a couple of evergreen shrubs and a young Gleditsia tree were retained. New shade tolerant shrubs, perennials and bulbs were added to give seasonal interest to the evergreen winter structure. For instant height and privacy, an established standard variegated Ligustrum was placed and white clematises and a climbing rose were planted to cover the fencing without taking up too much space in the narrow border. Once the large patio area was completed, further planting was put in as the finishing touch.


We inherited a border which we’ve lived with for years. It was tired and dull and looking at it from our conservatory and patio, we longed for a view of natural beauty. Audrey interpreted our needs straight away and her design gave us the vision of what was possible. Her attention to detail was impressive: little did we know that our soil was different at one end of the border to another, which means we now have the right plants in the right places. The colour and choice of plants are certainly no longer dull! Audrey was a true professional and also personable and genuinely passionate about helping us get the result we wanted. I am looking forward to this Spring, when the border will be in full bloom. Thanks Audrey! Patio next…”


Mrs X